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Convert and repurpose PDF into rich, responsive HTML5 content

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    Why Mobile?

    Mobile is growing exponentially.
    Just about everyone has a mobile phone, that is always on, in their pocket.

    Data Traffic - Smartphone

    80% of mobile data traffic will be from smartphone by the end of 2020

    10x time growth in smartphone traffic between 2014 and 2020.

    55% growth in mobile data traffic between Q1 2014 and Q1 2015.

    Tired of wasting time creating individual layouts for every device and orientation?
    Need a way to get your publication onto mobile?
    Looking for new revenue streams from your existing content?
    What some new and innovative ways to promote your content?
    Let Actionpaper do the work for you – save money and free up your resources

    Converting your PDF into HTML5 with Actionpaper means you can instantly publish on smartphone, desktop and tablet in a format that suits de device. Articles, images and advertisements are extracted from your print ready PDF and stored in the Actionpaper CMS.

    Actionpaper can deliver your digital publication onto mobile phones, laptops, desktops and tablets as fast responsive web apps, or as a digital replica.

    You can push your content to an app, a WordPress website or back into your own CMS.

    For even greater reach, your articles ca be syndicated through channels such as Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles, Snapchat Discover and more.

    How does Actionpaper Work?

    1. Upload your PDF to Actionpaper servers

    2. Actionpaper identifies extracts and categorizes all the articles in your issue 

    3. Actionpaper tags your article elements and styles 

    4. Publish onto mobile, desktop, website and email

    Actionpaper Platforms

    Your publications will be available on each of this platforms:

    Mobile Web App

     Lightweight mobile optimised viewer with smartphone features

    Desktop HTML5

     HTML5 reflowable viewer built for bigger screens. Good for a minisite.

    Flipbook Viewer

    Vector based digital replica of your printed publication.

    Accessible Viewer

     WCAG 2.0 AA rated and Section 508 Compliant text based viewer

    Your branding

    A super fast, branded, web app.


    Select styling to suit your printed publication.


    Articles are easily shared through social media.


    Sell advertising for each section, and offer native advertising.


    Menu for quick access to sections and back issues.

    User Preference

    Articles are easily adjusted to the reader’s preference.

    Mobile Revenue Opportunities

    Mobile offers a whole new range of advertiser options not available in print

    1. Banner Advertising

    • Simple as code or ad network
    • Publication wide banners
    • Per section banner

    2. Native Advertising

    • Upsell converted print ads into articles
    • No longed constrained by size on page
    • Add new web content to ad article

    3. Mobile specific call to actions

    • Click to Call
    • Get directions
    • Speciality buttons

    All Devices

    Your publication will look stunning on every device – not just mobile.

    Even though mobile should be a high priority target for your publication, we have you covered across all devices.


    Digital replcia
    Crisp vector text
    Stunning imagery

    Native App

    iPad and iPhone
    Android mobile and tablets
    Instant viewing – no large downloads

    Approximate prices: for print pages: 1 catalog approx. 60 pages € 390 optimised for mobile devices Mobile phones / Tablets / PC and laptops

    2 catalogs: € 290 / catalog
    4 catalogs: € 190 / catalog

    Surcharge for each additional 60 pages € 40,00

    Publishing houses:

    12 magazines (monthly) € 120 / magazine
    52 magazines (weekly) € 80 / magazine
    365 daily newspaper € 60 / newspaper


    No need to manually re-purpose
    Deploy your articles effortlessly
    Edit and enhance in WordPress


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